July 8, 2009

Color Carnival.

Today is my birthday. These are some "colorful" photos of my family, taken on July the 3rd at my Aunt Vicky's house. Some people couldn't make it this years, there were only 40 of us.

Have you heard of Martha's Color Carnival? It's new to me and I thought I'd join in.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I love seeing family photos.

  2. Well, Happy Birthday, Jan! All the best to you! Only 40 could make the party?! Wow!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So glad to have you playing along with us at the Color Carnival! Hope your birthday has been perfect! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to you Jan. I had a birthday this week also I'm a 7-7 baby.

    Understand about large families. I have 12 sibs and with their kids we now total 72.

    Glad to see you on Color Carnival. Hope to see more of your post.

  5. Happy birthday! Yours is just one day after mine. Looks like you had a much bigger crowd to celebrate with though - what fun!

  6. What a happy and yes, colorful collage. :-)



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