June 24, 2009

Window Views

While strolling around I peeked into a small opening in a padlocked door, this is what I saw. This was in a machine shop in Kings Wharf, Bermuda.

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  1. I loved King's Wharf, and I'm glad you said that's where this was because the context of it makes it all the more interesting. The lighting you captured is wonderful!

  2. That funky interior makes for a cool photograph. Nicely done, Jan!

  3. Love the view and the angel!
    My window view. Happy Thursday!

  4. Now that's just what i would have done too - peeped in! LOL. And I love the view and the Angel. Fabulous.

    My entry is at:


  5. Interesting, the way the angel is turned away from the window. Kind of sombre. 'Tis a right nice photo study. Good thing you decided to ahve a peek, yes?

  6. This is an extremely interesting shot, Jan! Excellent! :)


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