June 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Signs and posters, snapped around NYC.

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  1. Great shots Jan!
    I like the first one a lot but I really love the last one. You've left us guessing what the ad is for.

    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  2. These are great shots, Jan! I love the Dalai Lama sign! Ain't NYC great? :)

  3. Isn't it interesting how often red is used in advertising? Cool shots!

  4. Red really gets our attention. Even the Dalai Lama uses it! I wonder, too, what the last poster is for.

  5. I guess we have to have the signs and posters and they are colorful.. but somehow, I wonder if we miss all the beautiful architecture in NYC because of them.

  6. Wherever there’s red
    it dazzles your eye, making
    you wish there was more!

  7. I love that top one, every time I see it I get a good feeling

    you captured some of the best of NY's street art

  8. Read somewhere that vibrant colors are extensively used in graphic ads. Not surprising as they really attract attention. Nice captures!

    My Ruby Tue is up.


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