May 6, 2009

Nature Notes

Oh,what a joy it is to see the clouds
Moving across the sky
And as they move they capture the hearts
Of watchers like you and I

David Lindsley

I stood in our parking lot and took these first facing east, then west. Visit all the other nature lovers at Rambling Woods.


  1. Being a cloud watcher, I can relate how fast the they can change. Each moment offers an opportunity unlike the previous one. The saying is perfect.

  2. I too love the clouds Jan..I moved your linky to this week's Nature Notes when I put up the post...Thank you for participating in Nature Notes...Michelle

  3. I'm struck by cloud formations all the time... These are lovely, Jan - the more so when paired with the poetry.

  4. Things in Murietta are looking very blue. I'm not surprised to hear you don't color your hair. Your picture looks so fabulous.

  5. Love all these wonders of cloud shapes and colours! Always different! Lovely photos!

  6. Hi!
    I love blue sky with white clouds. I like the second photo. With the trees contrasting with the white and blue it makes it stand out! Have a great day!!


  7. It is rather amazing to watch clouds skate across the sky. Nice shots.

  8. Tree tops and sky .. two of my favorite combinations

  9. Beautiful! I love watching clouds too.

  10. That's a beautiful shot. I love to watch the clouds.


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