May 13, 2009


The Thursday Challenge is week is BIG. I thought these elephants at the San Diego Zoo qualified. They're looking forward to their new home, Elephant Odyssey. It opens to the public on May 23rd.


  1. He's watching you!!!
    I think they qualify for BIG!!!
    I had some catching up to do, thanks to that stupid accident, but I loved all your pictures, especially the geraniums, they're gorgeous!! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and your kind words. I'm counting the days till the new camera arrives, I can tell you!

  2. I hope one day I will get back to the San Diego Zoo. Your photos of the elephant are fantastic images Jan.

  3. I love elephants. If I had the room I'd open a sanctuary. So many of these wonderful creatures have been misused in the past, and still are today.

  4. Excellent for BIG, Jan. I've heard the San Diego Zoo is a wonderful place.

  5. Big elephant but little tusks. This one must be a youngster? Nice textures here, I love the peach fuzz in the profile.


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