May 22, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge,

The theme is week is Doorways, chosen by Annie of Annie's Blog. I choose two very different doorways. The top one is the doorway to a mission cemetary; the bottom one is the doorway to a bar, that I've never seen open; neither the bar nor the door. The RMC stands for Ray's Murrieta Cafe.

An added note:

We're leaving on a three week vacation on Sunday. (We're going to NYC, Bermuda and North Carolina.) This is the first vacation I'll be taking a digital camera with me, and I'm really excited about taking tons of photos.
Because my goal is to post a photo a day on this blog, (that's why I named it Murrieta365,) I've scheduled posts while we're gone. The only meme will be SOOC Sunday, because I feel obligated to the great people who participate each week.

Thank you for visiting Murrieta365.


  1. Great doors .. there used to be a shop on West 72nd St that was never open ... recently I walked past and noticed it was now a new store with a new sign and it was open

    See you when you get to NYC .. safe travel

  2. Hope you have a very nice vacation. See you when you return. I am also going on vacation, and at this time I am planning on sticking with NOT posting during the vacation, which I have never done before.

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  3. Have a great vacation and I look forward to your photos when you return... Michelle

  4. I love your doorways! I read the challenge yesterday and hope to get up a doorway photo too!

    have a great vacation!


  5. Hi Jan,
    All your doors are great! I really like that barn door! Old barns are awesome! Have a safe and happy trip! Enjoy and take lots of photos to share! Have a great day!!


  6. Wonderful doorways! Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures!

  7. Have FUN on your trip sweetie!!
    I LOVE the skull & crossbones over the doorway!! Unsual to say the least!!hahaa...Bring back some more great photos!!!hughugs

  8. Great photos! I like the old barn. Have a great time on your vacation and take many exciting pictures!

  9. The cemetery doors are most unusual and I think the barn doors are great.

    Sounds like you have a super vacation planned. Enjoy.

  10. Love that mission door! The skull and crossbones above it are a bit spooky, LOL! Have a terrific vacation, and we'll look forward to seeing your pics.

  11. Great photos. Have a wonderful trip (3 and I am looking forward to seeing you vacation photos!

  12. Very interesting selection Jan. Love them. Have a great time on your vacation!.

  13. Well those doorways...good on you! Just before you leave for vacation and all! Have a great time!


  14. You're covering a LOT of ground in three weeks! Have a wonderful trip.


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