April 29, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #1

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #1, be sure to check out everyone's photos, here. There's going to be voting, too. Carrie also did this challenge.

Here's the List and my answers to it.

1. Cool or interesting architecture (detail - Balboa Park)
2. A sign of Spring (California Poppy)
3. Something musical (Piano)
4. Something sweet (Vanilla cupcake)
5. Something metallic (Barbed wire)

6. A landscape (Santa Rosa Plateau)
7. An interesting doorway (doorway to cemetary)
8. A reflection (Long Beach harbor)
9. A cemetery (At the Mission)
10. A pair of shoes - (Life imitating art, Douglas Kent Hall photo and my boots)
11. A body of water (Pacific Ocean)
12. A drink (The end of Big Red)
13. A mosaic or mural (Mural at the Murrieta Library)
14. Rain (raindrops on a developing rose hib)
15. Classic car (1970 or older)
16. A work of art (Copper Evening by Marcia Scott Kramer)
17. A church (Mission San Luis Rey)
18. A statue (El Cid at Balboa Park)
19. An interesting sky (Sunset over Rosa's)
20. Something in motion (Gigantic flag, whipping in the wind)
21. Lights at night (Movie theater)
22. A silhouette (Me, walking the dogs.)
23. Something historical (pre-1900) (Quince Street bridge, San Diego)
24. A shot from an unusual perspective (dandelion and palm tree)
25. Flowers (Evening Primrose)
26. Self-Portrait (I'm always reading)


  1. Those are some beautiful shots. Wow. Just ... wow. Thanks!

  2. Wow, you did great on this one Jan!! I had planned to do it too, but I don't think I'm going to make it, there's still too many blanks can't fill, like the classic car! I love all your shots, they're very creative!! My favourite one is the shoes, excellent work!

  3. Fantastic! So many enjoyable photographs Jan, and so appropriate to the title of each one. Love all of them but love the creativity of your last shot. Awesome post!

  4. Jan, these are all spectacular. But #1 and #26 are the absolute BEST! :)

  5. Wow...this is quite a feat I think..Beautiful Jan....Michelle

  6. Hi Jan,
    Beautiful photos!! I really like your flower and work of art! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  7. Beautiful shots. I really like #6 and #24. Happy Thursday.


  8. Awesome job! You know the problem with these is that you can't comment on every shot, but I have to wonder how you got that dandelion shot. Even flat on your back, that thing couldn't have been still in the ground. So unless you were down in a hole, somebody was holding it. However you got it I love it! And the shot of your boots is another one that was truly inspired. I couldn't think of anything to do for that one that wasn't... meh.

    Some great macro work here too. Love the barbed wire and the piano.

    I could find something to love about all of these.

  9. That looks like a lot of fun. You made some excellent and creative shots.

  10. So many great images! Love that cemetery doorway! Neat! And I love your self portrait!


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