April 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Here are more photos from the "Wax Museum" event. These youngsters portrayed Hank Aaron and Joan d'Arc. I love the bottom photo of Hank helping Joan, don't you?

Check out all the other Ruby hunters, here.
Thanks for visiting and commenting. My jury service should be over, soon. I promise to stop by and see you soon.


  1. What a great event for the kids!
    You flag works for Ruby Tuesday as well!
    I'm glad your jury duty is over. That must have been some experience

  2. The kids are cute, Jan! What an interesting event for them to participate in. Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  3. Bonjour Jan,
    Joan is lost in her thoughts. And, as you wrote, Hank very helpful.
    Children are always so proud to participate to these "show".
    Hope you told them they'll be in your blog. The beginning of the fame.
    Have a nice day, Jan.

  4. What an interesting event did they learn about the characters they portrayed?

  5. the bottom photo is very touching

  6. Interesting modern version of the old story, eh?

  7. Wow I did not know Hank helped Joan burn at the stake.... I learn something new every day!
    Even without RT this is a great post fun to read.
    mine is here


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