April 8, 2009

Nature Notes

The Flamingo
D. L. Fox
With apologies to Lewis Carroll: "A-sitting on a Gate"


I'll tell thee everything I can;
Ther's little to relate
I sas a pale falmingo standing
Just beyond a gate.
"Whence come you, noble bird," I asked,
And how is it you live?
The creature merely stared at me,
Twas all she had to give


She seemed to say, "We live in swamps,
Hot river-mouths and lakes,
And shores, where foes are few, and food
(for all who'll pay the stakes)
is plentiful and varied, and,
Thought salty and quite muddy
And mixed with copecoda and sand,
Keeps our complexions ruddy.


  1. I hope I can post a comment now...I love the flamingos and none of them has the good manners to come and visit Buffalo NY. LOL. Perfect for Nature Notes. Thank you for participating Jan.. Michelle

  2. Oh..I love the flamingos. None of them has ever stopped by my yard in Buffalo NY, but they are very welcome too. LOL. Thank you for participating in Nature Notes Jan. I really appreciate it.. Michelle

  3. I can shoot flamingos all day long. I think they're so beautiful in color and grace.

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  5. What fun! Flamingoes are a bit thin on the ground here in Indiana, and it's fun to see them here in your post. Love the poem, too.

  6. Love this picture! They sure are a pretty color.

  7. Flamingos are a stuffed ceramic bird I collect - thanks to my kids.
    I love the photo - nice composition and poem!

    My Nature Notes is up.

  8. What a great photo of the flamingos! Their colors are so bright and colorful!

  9. That is a beautiful photo, the colour of the flamingos is so intense.

  10. I can't stand it - everyone has their own photos of flamingoes, but me. How ironic...:-)

    This is gorgeous, but then, I'm prejudiced...


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