April 1, 2009

Nature Notes

These flowers are SOOC, captured when I was shooting wildflowers,
here in Murrieta, this week.

"Friends Are Like Flowers" Poem by AB ~

First the bud appears,
Then the petals show,
As they slowly open,
Their colors, you will know,
Friends they are like flowers,
Unique in every way,
And they will show there colors,
Brighter ever day,
As you get to know them,
You see their colors true,
The frailest of friends,
Will wilt in front of you,
Other friends are stronger,
And spread their vital seeds,
Vigorous, as a daisy,
They grow among the weeds,
It matters very little, their variety,
Like flowers, ever friend you find,
Is special as can be.

Poem originally posted here.
Visit all the other nature lovers at Rambling Woods.


  1. That is BLUE!!! What an unusually beautiful color for a flower!

  2. What a striking blue color. Not too many of that color around. Gorgeous!

  3. Jan..this is beautiful. I saw a little crocus starting to come up and hope it doesn't mind some snow we are supposed to get over the weekend. And the poem is a perfect addition. Thank you for making another contribution to Nature Notes. -Michelle--

  4. Those are beautiful flowers and I liked the poem so much too.


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