April 24, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge

The theme today is Metal. There are lots of options, so I chose these to share.

A windmill at the Santa Rosa Plateau, it's all metal.

The Quince Street Bridge in San Diego.  It's a great pedestrian bridge.

A macro of barbed wire.

Now go visit http://www.brendaphotochallenge.blogspot.com/ and see who else played along.  You'll be glad you did.


  1. That barbed wire is awesome!! That's a great macro, and it looks great in black and white!

  2. Fantastic photos. Excellent post!

  3. Great pictures..especially that last one!

  4. I'm NEVER 'gonna let you "play" Again!!!HAHAHAHahaaaa...These ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Black & white, Great choice sweetie!! I'm partial to the barbed wire!!
    Thank you for hosting!! Let me know who you pick to host the Next challenge, and I get it posted....hughugs

  5. Love that B&W of barbed wire! They are all great, but that one is my favorite! BRAVO!

  6. WONDERFUL, wonderful, shots! I love the windmill but the barbed wire macro is perfect too! Thank you for doing this for us!

  7. Good choice that macro barbed wire in b/w. I love the windmill, the landscape is perfect for it.

  8. Love the shots.. and I love that you changed them into black and white... makes them look more metallic... neat!

  9. Great captures. All 3 shots have different charactor to them. Beautiful.
    Smiles B


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