April 8, 2009

Bank Swallows

I took these photos from the third floor hallway, in front of the court, where I'm in jury duty. Since last week, we've been watching the Swallows building their nest. It's really fascinating. I'm not good at bird identification, but I think these are Bank Swallows. Outside they swoop and scold each other, nature sure is entertaining.


  1. My favourite birds of Summer!
    I don't think they've arrived here yet?

    Are you on jury duty AGAIN?

  2. I wanted to take my camera when I had jury duty but was afraid that they would take it and I wouldn't get it back. Very interesting kind of nest they make.

  3. This is so cool...It's amazing what we can find when we are aware enough to look....

  4. How cool! I'll bet you're glad you took photos of this. That's just fascinating!

  5. Swallows really do nesting the hard way, don't they? I've never seen any like this. Thanks for sharing them!


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