April 15, 2009

Bank Swallows II

Last week I posted, here, about the bank swallows building their nests in the courthouse windows. Today, one of my jury-mates was attempting to snap a photo with her cell phone, and I told her I'd take one and post it, so she could have a better photo. As you can see, the nests are coming right along, and the windows are getting dirtier!


  1. Grin, that "look" on the birdies face in the last pic is sort of hilarious.
    He looks so scornful :D
    "Our" swallows (barn swallows?) just arrived last week.
    I'll try to catch them too soon :)
    I love them.
    But today I'm mad at birds. They woke me up at 4.30 ;)

  2. that's a great perspective--nice shots.

  3. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for posting the pictures - the little birds look so cute all snuggled together. I was able to share a little bit of our jury duty with my husband this way.

  4. They are amazing nest builders and what a treat to be able to watch the progress....Michelle

  5. Oh my, it's Springtime! Lovely photos Jan, thanks for sharing them.

  6. My favourite birds of Summer!! Take lots of pictures Jan, I love them more than anything!

  7. I have never seen swallows be so close to masses of people. Amazing close-up photos!

  8. How nice of you to show the nests to us too, Jan. I've never seen this kind of nest close up!

  9. They are so fun to watch! I have been wondering if ours are back yet, will have to check. :)


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