March 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Ameican Pelicans, flying this way and that, above Lake Elsinore.
There's a tad of red in each photo.

Ruby Tuesday is the brain-child of Mary at Work of the Poet,
go visit all the Ruby people there.


  1. How fun - after doing a double take on each photo, I did find the red!! Great idea!

  2. Yeah, i can see the small red parachute...So small as compared to the birdies. ;)

  3. I love the pelicans..I would be thrilled to be able to photograph them...

  4. You've taken on a wonderful theme challenge and you're making it work!
    I see the parachute in the second shot but I'm curious as to what that red ball-like image is in the first one.

    My post this week is on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures.

  5. You did get some red. Good for you, Jan! Very nice photos!

  6. Oh I spotted the red.It's one of those things that use on high line wires isn't it to help in high winds?

    Jan you have some marvelous shots here...truly outstanding.

    I played in both MYM and RT!! I hope to see you.

    Happy RT:-)

  7. I was surprised to see the red parachute! Great capture for RT.

  8. I found the reds, perfect!!

    I am loving your pelicans


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