March 13, 2009

Pelican Theme Challenge

Last week, I took a walk on the southern end of Lake Elsinore. I was delighted by the hundreds of American Pelicans that were also visiting there. I decided to challenge myself with the memes I usually participate in, this week, to use a pelican in every post.


  1. I really like Pelicans. They make good photography subjects don't they. I've not seen very many white ones. Great shots.


  2. Nice shot. I love photographing pelicans. I couldn't do this meme this week. I don't have one pelican shot that has any yellow in it.

  3. I am waiting to see the American White Pelicans return tho the Yakima Valley. If they are smart, they will wait another couple of weeks, and we are in that one day warm sun and the next the threat of snow phase.

  4. Great shot Jan, I am so jealous of your weather. Have a great day.

    Regina In Pictures

  5. These birds are prehistoric looking marvels. Great image!

  6. Good capture, we were thinking the same thing this week as I posted birds also.

  7. I've done that a couple of times with various things. It can be tricky, depending on what you're trying to incorporate. Good luck!

  8. Congratulations!! It is such a growth experience to make these challenges for ourselves!
    I still think that flying pelicans look funny, but maybe that is because I have only seen pictures...


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