March 25, 2009

Nature Notes

Budding leaves so sweet as they grow
When unfurled great beauty do they show
Scarlet bright greens of rainbow hues
Colorful schemes of greens and blues..
-MaryJane Balthazar

Rambling Woods has started a new Nature Notes Meme
She says: "I’d really like to know how my blogger friends feel about what they observe in nature. Post a photo..a poem..artwork or a even few words about what you see, how you felt and maybe something you hadn’t paid any attention to before."


  1. I love seeing all the buds erupting from all you bloggers that live South of us. Not much going on here yet. It's been too cold.

  2. Oh now that is just beautiful Jan. It really captures the intent of Nature Notes..Thank you for participating so much...Michelle

  3. A perfect choice and nice macro for this meme!
    I liked that little quote you included.

  4. Green buds in a blue sky. Now that's a long-overdue sight. Nice shot, and the poem is a perfect match.

  5. This is like the ultimate haiku of Nature Notes. The picture really does speak volumes. Thanks for the deep blue breath.

  6. That's a beautiful bud against the sky. I'm enjoying this new meme.


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