March 19, 2009

Nature Notes

"The Little Dandelion" is a wonderful poem by Helen Barron Bostwick

Pale little dandelion, in her white shroud,
Heareth the angel-breeze call from the cloud.
Tiny plumes fluttering, make no delay,
Little winged dandelion, soareth away.

This is the same dandelion in my backyard.  She's looking a little raggedly; but I love both shots.

Rambling Woods has started a new Nature Notes Meme
She says: "I’d really like to know how my blogger friends feel about what they observe in nature. Post a photo..a poem..artwork or a even few words about what you see, how you felt and maybe something you hadn’t paid any attention to before."


  1. Oh thank you so much for participating in Nature Notes Jan. This is exactly what I am talking about..finding beauty in something we see all the time...Love the poem.. Thank you again...Michelle

  2. I love the pictures, AND the poem!! Heehee!

  3. Both shots are beautiful; well-done.

  4. We often overlook the yellow headed dandelion as far as beauty; but what a beautiful shot that second one is with the sun shining through the silkiness!
    A great post for Nature Notes.

  5. I love dandelions. In the suburbs, that's a heresy that will get you forty lashes. Out here in the country, I can have all of them I want. LOL

  6. Pictures of the imperfect are called wabi-sabi and are much treasured by some photographers. You have captured the essence of it in the second photo.


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