March 8, 2009

Mello Yellow Monday

There are slight touches of yellow, here; on the beaks and feet of the pelicans. I hoping that will be enough to qualify for Mello Yellow.

Mello Yellow Monday, brought to us by Drowsey Monkey.If you want to participate, just post a photo with a little or a lot of yellow.


  1. Beautiful yellows in those beaks. Great photo!

  2. Pelicans are one of the strangest looking birds. They are interesting to watch though. Great shots. =) Hope you have a great Monday.

  3. The pelicans look very mellow - and yellow.

  4. I wonder if we get these pelicans here. I've only ever seen the brown ones. Cool shot!

  5. Enough yellow for me. But, OOPS! I'm not playing Mellow Yellow. Very nice shot, Jan!

  6. Jan this is a fabulous shot. The yellow is so delicate around their beaks.

    Oh my what a lovely shot you were able to get!!:-)

  7. Awesome Pelicans! I never see tham around here!


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