March 13, 2009


Yeah, I did it, a pelican in every photo meme, this week!

Visit tnchick, to see all the photohunters.


  1. I don't do PhotoHunt but I thank you Jan for commenting on my Irish Spring commercial! Funny, huh? I'll be posting for SOOC Sunday :)

  2. I'm trying to play a little catch up. You did good with the pelican shots! They are all great. I really like the sepia tones one and the reflection in the water in the before photo. Cool!

  3. Yes you did, and did a fine job Jan. These Pelicans are so cool !
    Have a great week-end.

  4. I've enjoyed your week of pelicans. Jan! And this photo of them swimimg is right om!

  5. That's cool... Pelican for evey photo meme. Lovely shots.

  6. Great shots! I have never seen so many photos of pelicans as I have on this blog, LOL.

    I moved my Photo Hunters to my new photo blog. Please visit if you can!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey, I did birds too; I have a photo of a peahen and her four chicks.

    Your pelicans look like a chorus line.

  8. Cute pictures and perfect for the 4 theme. I wonder how that would work on Picture This.
    The other blog wouldn't let me comment again. I think it doesn't like me.

  9. Four big birdies all in a row. I'd hate to be looking UP at these birds :)


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