March 6, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge

The new theme is to take an existing photo and change it through photo editing software. Try to make it different, better, more focused, a different color… whatever you choose to do, be creative and have fun. You will need to post the before and after.

This is my friend Peggy. I took this the other night, right before our weekly card game.


First I cropped it and made it Black and White, which I love.
I thought it looked good.
Then I softened it, I really like it, now.


  1. Well done! I love black and white photos!!hughugs

  2. Great cropping job and choice of black and white with softening! So many people forget that they can crop for a better composition.

    Your friend is a lovely lady!

  3. I love the black and white... even more I love the way you cropped it. It made it much more interesting photo. Wonderful!

  4. She's beautiful! I love black and white too and the crop and the softening effect makes it a perfect portrait!

  5. Great job, beautiful subject. You ladie's amaze me. :)

  6. I think all three pics are great.

  7. Jan, you did an excellent job. I love the softened b&w photo! :)

  8. You turned an attractive photo into a very flattering one. Nice work!

  9. um, I don't like to be the odd one out, but I love the first photo! It is just me I guess.
    I really don't ever feel the need to use an editor...(haven't really got time)...apart form occasionally cropping...and even then it doesn't happen very often...prefer to take the photo as is!

    But you have done well! Good on you Jan for learning all about it!

  10. What a LOVELY lady!! I really love the color shot....her lipstick really stands out....but I also LOVE what you've done in B&W!!

    PS - I LOVE her haircut too! I think she reminds me of my Mom so I am quite enamored with her!!

  11. I love the color of her hair and the hair cut. Nice looking lady!

  12. I love your work, the result is gorgeous!


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