February 14, 2009

SOOC Sunday

Tuesday morning was very frosty, here. These are the tiles on our roof layered with frost. I like the rhythm and the repetition of the curves of the tiles.

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  1. Jan, I love your roof tiles they are so interesting! Your shot is excellent as is! :)

  2. I concur! I love seeing patterns like this especially when they're taken out of context. In fact, Carmi did an entire Thematic Photographic on the subject. This would have fit right in!

  3. Very cool, but I must confess that when I first saw them I thought they were sugar coated cookies. OK, I must be hungry. ;-)

  4. Wow, what a neat picture. I tried to guess what these were before I read your post. Never did guess roof tiles. Good one!

  5. Brrr .... seems to be cold, but beautiful !

  6. Hi Jan,
    Great Photo! How in the world did you get that shot? Did you climb up on the roof? Have a great day!!


  7. It looked at first like a dessert, to me. Very nice photo, Jan.

  8. Good morning, Jan. Nice textures (my fave). As for dandelions, who know without the macro? I wonder what else we're missing becauses we're not paying coser attention?

  9. I love the tiles, they looked like ginger snaps at first. Great shot.

  10. I really like the roof tiles. I would not have figured out what they were, makes for interesting photos.

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