January 10, 2009

SOOC Sunday

This poor jonquil bloomed in my garden last week. It's taken a bit of a beating from the cold, wind and rain. This week has been a little nicer.  This week SOOC Sunday, was listed on TheDailyMeme; perhaps we'll have new people to visit.

Have a Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC) image you want to show off, play along with us. Use Mr. Linky to sign-on.


  1. Hi Jan, that poor little jonquil... :( I have a SOOC pic up. :)

  2. AMAZING! Jonquils bloom in early January where you are. Hmmmmmm. Your photo tells a sad story of being beaten up by the weather, though.

  3. it's still a beauty! nature does a job on all of us doesn't it lol

  4. Hi Jan,
    That's a beautiful flower even though it's a little beaten up! Great shot!! Have a great day!!


  5. How DO you get your pictures so big? Care to share? :-)

    How nice to have jonquil; even if they do take that beating in January.

  6. Just to show you how much I don't know about flowers, I would have called this a daffodil.

    I posted my photo.

  7. I am so green with envy you have flowers still. It will be months before I see them in my garden. Great shot.

  8. Jonquils? This early? What a surprise, from the looks it should have waited a while.

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