January 15, 2009


I thought I'd jump right in to SCAVENGER HUNT, hosted by Carrie at View of You Photography.
The theme is Macro, one of my favorite things.

This is a sunflower bud in my garden, taken this week.  I love the fuzzy "hairs" on the leaves.  I'm not to technical, so hairs will have to do.


  1. THIS WEEK? It's THAT much warmer there??? Ahhhh....

  2. I like the way Sunflowers look before they open. Take another one tomorrow or the next day, just when the color starts to show.

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    Photography By Leedra

  3. This is beautiful, Jan. And now you have us ALL wishing we lived in Murrieta. ;-)

  4. Great photo! Woderful!
    Sunflowers - ah, I also wish to be in Murietta...

  5. Great macro shot Jan! Thanks for joining in the Scavenger Hunt fun! It is always great to see others perspective on misc. subjects. I will put you on the list of Hunters on my blog with a link to your blog so others can visit and enjoy you photos!


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