December 20, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

A seagull posing at the Seal Beach Pier, last Thursday. It was a cold, bright day, and he was hunkered down, trying to keep warm.

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  1. I love the mischevious antics of the lowly seagull and his beak shadow as well. I'll enjoy the view...better than snow.

  2. Great shot..just love seagulls..Something about them, they fascinate me..Happy SSS..

  3. Mr Seagull really looks happy, doesn't he? Who can blame him - he probably hates the cold as much as I do!

    Have a very happy Christmas from sunny Queensland, Australia.

  4. I hope you offered him a warm cuddle. He looks friendly enough to jump right into your lap!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas :)

  5. What a cute seagull!

    Best wishes to you for Christmas :)

  6. Love the seagull.

    I will be in your neck of the woods in early January. Will be visiting one of my sisters in Oceanside. Will think of you and might even bump into you on the beach!

    Merry Christmas. - Alissa

  7. We are dreaming of a beach-like we are enjoying this shadow!!

  8. He's a proud-looking seagull ... if not a little bit cold!!!

  9. The seagull is waiting for your perfect shot, Jan!

    Nice one.

  10. great close-up

    he looks like he's planning his next move

    my son once had a hot dog taken right out of his hand by a seagull on the boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ

    it scared the heck out of him

  11. No sun, no shadows, Jan, at my blog. :(


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