December 12, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge

Kim chose the theme: HOLIDAY DECORATIONS

"Since it's that time of year (or it will be when posting time comes) my theme will be Holiday Decorations! Inside, outside, yours, not yours, all of the above...Hope everyone has fun!"

We didn't decorate like we normally do. Usually our house is close to "over-done"; but this year my hubs is still healing from a surgery, he has about 2-3 more months to go. So no dragging things down from the attic, etc. So I made do with what I had stuck in drawers, in the house. I'm very happy with the results.

Poinsettias on the front porch.

A Joy banner.

Pinecones, found on the greenbelt.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause, she looks a little frazzled.

Potpourri and candles.

If you're interested in joining, or want to see how others met this challenge, head over here:


  1. Jan, these are wonderful shots of Christmas decorations. I do appreciate your visiting my blogs and making your very generous comments! :)

  2. beautiful shots of Christmas around your home.

  3. I like what you've done. I too sometimes get carried away with the decorations. This year not quite so many.

  4. Welcome!!! These are Great shots and puts a body in the Christmas Spirit!! Hope you come back for all the challenges!!hughugs

  5. love the photos!! A little bit of christmas scattered about every room. Thanks for participating, and hope the hubby is feeling much better soon!!

  6. You did a wonderful job with the challenge! They're all beautiful photos!

  7. I hope your husband is healed enough to enjoy the holidays. Your home looks wonderful and it is only normal that Mrs. Claus would look a little frazzled... she does alot of work and Santa gets all the publicity. I love your JOY banner, too!

  8. Great photos! Sometimes, a less weighted hand at decorating makes what you do have out more special! Mrs. Claus looks like she's been hitting the sauce a little too hard, LOL!

  9. Your house looks festive. Poinsettias on the porch? THAT's amazing!

  10. Well i think you did a good job with what you got there. I don't do much anymore as there really isn't anyone that comes here to look.My son who is living with us for over a yr but he don't really care either. I did finally get a tree up. Looks good to me.

  11. like the "joy" pennant...cute.
    and i think the decorating you have done is just right :)
    have a good week.

  12. What lovely simple decorations. I can relate to Mrs. Claus :-)

    I know that I am VERY late with my entry but it's up now. Just got snowed-under with parties and work. I hope Santa still comes :-)



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