November 2, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is my first Shadow Shot Sunday; grass sprouting out of an utility cover.

I love the grass shadows super-imposed on the triangle shadows of the grid.

This meme is hosted by Hey Harriet. I hope it's okay to jump right in.


  1. Hey, glad you joined us! What a cool shot...looks like greens being served on a kinda food...ha

  2. We're both newbies :)
    I posted my first as well

    I love your shot.

  3. Wonderful! thanks for sharing.

  4. I really love your photo! What a great first time entry.

  5. Hello Jan,

    Nice to see you join us the fun. Just to tell you that your SSS post is really cool.

    Hope u have a wonderful day!

  6. Hello Jan,

    Now that you've joined in on the shadow fun look out! because you'll very quickly realize how addicting it is. Great shot by the way. Have a nice week!


  7. It certainly is fine to jump right on in! Great shadow shot! Can't wait to see more from you! Thanks heaps for joining in SSS :)

  8. Hi Jan, Welcome to shadow shots sunday. I like how nature intertwines with man-made materials in your shot.

  9. So glad you jumped this shot!..really interesting textures and subtle shadow..well spotted! :D

  10. Great shot - love the bright green!
    Thanks for joining us :)


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