November 5, 2008

Sepia Scenes

I took this in May, when booksellers were invited to meet an author in Long Beach. The restaurant was right in the harbor. Here are a couple of small yachts, in their moorings.

Sepia Scenes is a Thursday photo meme, brought to us by Mary of Work of the Poet. If you're interested in joining and aren't sure how to do sepia, click here, Mary gives lessons, too! What else would you expect from a professor?


  1. Lovely photo! It has an atmosphere of days gone by.

  2. I'm looking at your photo and your last line says 'professor.' I immediately thought of the old "Gilligan's Island" TV show where their boat is stuck on an island. :)
    Lovely sepia image!

  3. Sailing ships make for great sepia treatments - Good choice - Nice shots



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