November 28, 2008

Saturday’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to tnchick, we have a great theme for our Photo Hunt - Metal. Here are some "Metal" shots from the past month.

The Baggage Claim conveyor at LAX

The shadow of a metal fitting, on a metal pipe.

The metal rings on a binder, on my desk.

I love this windmill, it's mostly metal, too.


  1. There is one thing about Metal - there is a lot of it about and in a lot of shapes. Knowing when to stop could be a problem.
    Nice shots.

  2. I like your choice of metal shots. Good ones.

  3. your first photo and my entry is somewhat related. happy weekend!

  4. I love that shot of that binder, it's my favourite!

  5. Great pictures, perfect for this week' theme!


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