November 21, 2008

Saturday’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to tnchick, we have a great theme for our Photo Hunt - reflection. Reflections are one of my favorite things to capture in a photo.

This first one is of the Crystal Pier, in La Jolla, reflected in the sand.

A curious egret, imitating a statue, in a pond on the golf course.

A sycamore and the sky reflecting in a slow moving stream,
in a green belt where I like to walk the dogs.


  1. A varied group of photos -- can't decide which one I like best! ;b

  2. The pier for me - something very photopatico about piers.

  3. I'm fascinated by reflections too, Jan. Very nice.

    I just Googled the Santa Rosa Plateau and learned your city doubled in size in just eight years, Holy T..., er, Murrieta!


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