November 7, 2008

Saturday’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

The theme today is together. Bob and our grandson Oden are together a lot. Oden calls Bob, Old Man Prytz, and Bob loves it!
They're getting ready to eat before heading out to a minor league baseball game. Bob is ignoring the devil's horns placed over his head.

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  1. A happy pair, no doubt about it - it too is Togetherness.

  2. Ah, such a wonderful together indeed. I love when different generations comes together :-)

  3. What can beat a grandpa with his grandson for togetherness? Sweet photo.

    I did "together" today, too. I hope you can visit and leave your link. :)

    Mrs. Mecomber

  4. Actually I expected more shots like this one - but yours is the first I encounter, and it's beautiful! :)

  5. That is a very sweet photo. Great take on the theme!

    Thanks for visiting mine and hope you're having a nice weekend!


  6. That's so nice ! for me the best man in my life was my grandpa !!

  7. Oh those mischievous fingers. Too cute. Thanks for visiting me.

  8. How lucky for Oden to share times like this with his grandpa!

    Grandpa is very tolerant! =)


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