November 17, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is the brain-child of Mary at Work of the Poetgo visit all the Ruby people there. This week Mary suggested "we might post Thanksgiving photos that have RED in them." Sorry Mary, I had nada in that category; but I do have these taken last week at the beach. Red surfboard, just screamed Ruby Tuesday.


  1. Never seen a red surfboard before, it truly stands out!
    Lovely shots. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  2. Yep, the surfboard sure does cry out Ruby Tuesday.

    Red is a good color for a surfboard as I'm sure it's easier to find if the surfer falls off, eh?

    What a contrast: your photo of a surfer and mine of a snowy field.

  3. You make me jealous!!!
    That beach I mean!!
    That red surfboard really pops out, I like it!

  4. Last week at the beach ? I would have loved to be there too.
    'Scream' is exactly the good word! You couldn't pass nearby without hearing "Ruby Tuesday post, Ruby Tuesday Post".

  5. What a great Ruby Tuesday!
    At the beach and I posted snow! :)

  6. love the top shot!!

    the red is so vivid against the sea foam

  7. Great Ruby Tuesday post! I really like it. And thanks for visiting my wagonwheel photo for Shadow Sunday. Much appreciated!

  8. I like a red surf board better than Thanksgiving anyway. Cool shots. I love the dramatic red of the surf board in the first one and sort of heroic "human against the sea" posture of it's owner.

  9. Very cool RT photo! Hard to imagine that when we have frost here today! lol

  10. These are great shots! And that RED surfboard is great contrast! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

    Come to my blog, I have an award for you (come in about 15 minutes!) :) It's 4:30 PM EST right now.


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