November 10, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

A couple of shots of a red wagon full of quilts.
I took these last month at the Quilt Show in Old Town.

Ruby Tuesday is the brain-child of Mary at Work of the Poet go visit all the Ruby people there.


  1. So bright and cheerful! These photos are perfect for Ruby Tuesday. ;-)

  2. I love quilt shops, these are beautiful. I did a Quilt shop RT a while too....they're fun!

  3. What colorful captures! Wonderful photography!

  4. Gorgeous quilts! I have an acquaintance who is very skilled in quiltmaking of different sorts, she often buys her fabrics in the US and it's amazing what she makes of it!

    Have a good RT!

  5. Jan, gorgeous, colorful shots of quilts and RED wagon wheels! Perfect for Ruby Tuesday! :)

  6. Beautiful!!

    I love quilt shows :)

  7. I love that display. You captured them so nicely and they're so colorful! :-)


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